Rest & Restraint

Photography by 5 STYLE

As the nights draw in and the days feel a little shorter, a little colder, and a little heavier, we seek cosy comforts of home. We watch the leaves change color, we experience a renewed appreciation for warm, fresh produce, and we look to rest our minds to free ourselves from that which weighs us down. Volume Nº4 looks at how we can discover and strengthen our self-restraint and the freedom this discipline and intentionality can bring, particularly with the relentless and ever tempting sales of the holiday season. We explain the benefits of mindfulness over materialism, intentionality over turmoil, and focus over multi-tasking, as an aid to helping you feel calm, composed, and in control. With a striking mix of history and modernity, we also visit the vibrant city of Edinburgh in our quiet guide to help you discover the minimalist corners of the beautiful Scottish capital.

Part I
Letting Go of Needing It All

Part II
Self Restraint as a Virtue

Part III
Minimalism & Chill

Part IV
Quiet Guide: Edinburgh

Part V
Redefining Tradition

Part VI
Breathing for Peace

Part VII
Warmth in Cold Weather

Mantras for Calm

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