Focus & Freedom

Photography by Seraina Silja Hürlimann

When we think of spring time, we often think of travel—an opportunity to free ourselves from the cold winter months and to look forward to crisp, clear and energizing days with focus, curiosity and creativity. Consisting of seven sections, including several travel features, inspirational lifestyle essays and beautiful design insights, Volume Nº2 looks at the value of exploring new places and cultures, how to travel as a minimalist and how separation from familiar possessions and distractions can be immensely liberating. We also visit Tokyo—a unique, visually quiet and architecturally free city—offering you a thoughtfully composed guide through a minimalist lens.

Part I
Tinos: The Island of Artists

Part II
Freedom from Freedom

Part III
The Less in the Details

Part IV
Quiet Guide: Tokyo

Part V
In Defence of Focus

Part VI
Intentional Travel

Part VII
A Personal Dialog

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