The Bliss of Being Minimalist

How my minimalism journey has helped myself and others

Words by Wisnu

I started my journey as a minimalist in 2018 when I got into minimal design. In 2019, I started to create content with a minimal aesthetic on my Instagram. Since then, I’ve been exploring and learning more about minimalism. I’ve found that minimalism is a broad subject, applicable not only to design, but to all aspects of life.

I’ve been practicing a minimalist lifestyle because it has tons of benefits, for both myself and others. It can be hard to practice at the beginning, especially living with non-minimalists. But I always try to overcome that obstacle.

Being a minimalist is very beneficial for me personally. I’ve saved money by buying only what I need, space by keeping my room tidy, and time by learning to think simply and avoid overthinking.

I’ve also found my pursuit of minimalism to be beneficial for others. When I declutter, I get rid of things that don't work anymore. But I also give my cousins things I no longer use but that can still be useful to them—clothes and shoes, for instance. I am happy to be able to help them with these small things.

Through this journey, I’ve learned that minimalism is not only an aesthetic, but a way of life that brings benefits to oneself and others.


Wisnu Adhi Putra is a 23-year-old content creator from Indonesia who started his journey as a minimalist in 2018. He implements minimalism through interior design, photography, and fashion. Organized and clean is his nature.


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