My Art and Minimalism

Inside my minimal conceptual mind

Words by Sofia Demetriou

My mind is a world of minimalism. It approaches life through the essence of simplicity.

In my artwork, I emphasise the use of light as a form of minimal communication. In this way, I am cherishing that I can see what I can see because of light. Art meets my need to materialise what is within me. It’s a form of medication. The name Virenspersa originates from the word perseverance, for it is my vision to remain in a state of gratefulness in the pursuit of leading a life of honour. To tell stories of a mysterious language that cannot be perceived through the senses but felt through the heart. I hunt to capture the value of the simple. To discover the soul that rests behind the simplicity and to remind my audience that we are a part of the sacred forces of landscapes. I feel a sense of sickness when I think I am not doing so.

I find that monotones highlight the beauty of the essence that exists under the layer of the intensity of colours. In the role of an artist, I have the opportunity and responsibility to recall something we have forgotten in this fast-paced world: stillness. Behind every picture, I must contemplate, creating a moment of union with the landscape, animal, or object, to meet with what's beyond my perceivable senses. That contemplation process focuses on the purity of the present moment, in honouring every second of the experience. Once that relationship is felt, then the button is clicked. If the capture emits what I have felt while contemplating, then the picture is successful. I see that there is something hidden that exists and speaks to me, almost metaphysical, holding at that moment a feeling that I want to trap, to take it with me and share it. This experience gives me a way to understand myself and define the world through my gaze. I would never want to exchange this power of the presence, the beauty, of simplicity, with anything else.

Sofia Demetriou

Sofia Demetriou grew up in an environment exposed to arts from a young age, which bloomed a fulfilling love for the visual arts and sound. That experience inspired her to design a panorama of creative development. Her work progresses spontaneously and unfolds the layers of her shedding states. Her life experiences drew her to explore the matters of consciousness that caused her a space of contentment. That state of mind was the merging point when she settled in a minimalist philosophical approach to life and art.


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