Minimalism Is Not an Empty Shelf

It is the start of a more intentional framing of our lives

Words by Carl Phillips

That’s not the point.

Neither is only having five items of clothing or living without a TV.

Minimalism itself isn’t the end point. It’s just a tool we leverage. It’s the start of a more intentional framing of our lives.

We use it to live more mindfully.

We use it to reduce friction, not create more.

We use it to simplify, not create barriers and rules of what we can and cannot do.

We are all ‘minimalist enough’ if we decide to be. What that even means is anyone’s guess.

Minimalism should help, not hinder. It’s about choosing to focus on what matters to us. It’s about searching for signal amongst the noise.

There is no uniform we need to wear. No colors we need shun. No shops we need to stop consuming from. We get to choose what our brand of minimalism looks like. We can call it minimalism, we call it intentionality, we can call it living simply, or we can call it nothing at all.

Utilize minimalist principles but stop short of seeing them as the curer of all ills. More than this, do not be shackled by the idea of what minimalism should be. That is entirely for us to decide.

Yes, there can be power in minimalism but only if we are intentional with our application of it.

Carl Phillips

Carl is a writer and runs Frictionless Living, a site about the pursuit of simplicity to help us focus on what matters most. It’s about finding clarity in distracted times.


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