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Lighter Purses and Slimmer Wallets

Taking inventory of what you carry, to lighten the weight of daily life.

Photography by W I L K A M I

It is the new year. We take a look back on how we have lived more while having less. The new year begins with reflection and recounting. It is human nature for all of us to reflect and recount on where we might have gone wrong. Over time, my reflections are more spent on accomplishments and how I can build from them.

Most of us are looking for a fresh start. When people invest in too high a set of personal expectations it can backfire with negative consequences. You can look at small steps to take to lighten the load of daily living. These observations have turned me to want to clean up a major part of everyday life that we often forget about. It is long overdue that I empty out my wallet and figure out what I really need to have with me. I cannot count how many times I have cleared out old wallets to find business cards from people I have zero recollection meeting. Or notes that I wrote which make absolutely no sense. Little shreds of bright post-it notes that ended up serving no purpose and no value.

When taking stock of what you carry, be realistic in what you know you need on you. What do you absolutely need to have in order to function while on the go? I have wrestled this down to four headers of importance and noted a few examples to go with them.

If you have a purse or wallet full of business cards, make a point to review them a few times per month. If the contacts are people you intend to reach out to, add them to an electronic contacts list. Properly recycle the cards. It was surprising for me to see how much less in-pocket weight there was to carry when it contained fewer cards.

If you have business cards, you should carry an amount that you feel is good to have at any one time. The only occasion where you might want to increase that number would be when you attend an event where you know you are intentionally looking to build your network.

We all might feel we are carrying the weights of the world on our shoulders. Make an effort to carry a little less in order to feel a lot lighter—physically and mentally.

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