From Individuality to "Us"

How minimalism changed my life

Words by Serra İspahani

This is the story of my personal journey. It started by discovering things I find meaningful and creating my road map. There is no final destination. It's an ongoing discovery. This road is not only about me, but also about how I stand in relation to "us," being one with other living things as I share this world with them. Being a plant, an animal, or a human being doesn't change the truth that we are all one on this planet. Accordingly, minimalism is one of the markers I am using to see my possible next steps. I can't describe it, but I can say that it gives me all colors and shapes I will use. It's a simple white pen with the right amount of magic.

What else do I do to use the map and pen?

I ask questions that help me to use them in the best way. There is a reciprocal relationship between the questions and the tools. Asking these questions brings out more ways to use the pen and road map. This relationship is reflected in almost every aspect of my life and I strongly feel that even if the pen may change its shape or color, I will know it is that pen. It's a good friend of mine who will always support me and be with me when I am in need.

In the big picture, my journey may not be seen or felt by others. Its destinations and scenery may change. I believe that we all have one of these stories. Yet they may appear in other forms. Due to my profession, I use road as a metaphor widely. However, I can share some questions that assessed the discovery of my version:

  1. How can I express myself better?
  2. How can we strengthen empathy?
  3. What makes this journey meaningful?
  4. What do I need to become more with less?

These questions are my guide to making decisions.

Minimalism is not just a habit. It's a broad perspective that adds meaning and sincerity to our lives. It will not only improve your life but also help to form better relationships with others.

Serra İspahani

Serra is a professional coach who likes nature and tries to simplify her life. Other than coaching, she focuses on nature and minimalism to create a better world for all living things. She sees them equally and writes mostly about them to spread the awareness of protecting nature.


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