A Minimal Morning

What does your minimal morning look like?

Words by Simone Eyles

What does your minimal morning look like? Mine ...

It starts at 8:44 the night before. Bedtime. Sleep comes easy after a day well spent.

Mornings, up before the kids stir, is my kind of heaven. Even better if I have a loaf of sourdough to bake, which I do today. A house filled with the aroma of fresh coffee and bread, again my kind of heaven.

With said coffee in hand, I like to sit in my spot. It's winter here in Australia, an unusually wet and cold season. I sit with a blanket, not so much for warmth but for comfort, front seat for the magic morning show.

I can hear the kids stirring, but I am not making a peep, so I know this moment will pass. It isn’t about cherishing it, more relishing in it, no rush, no thoughts or plans, just enjoying this moment and the magic as I get a first-class seat at the spectacular light show.

Lasting only a few minutes, it is enough to put perspective on the day ahead and set the tone for a day well spent. I’ve won the day already—with this magical minimal morning.

Simone Eyles

Simone Eyles is an entrepreneur who loves to read, write, bake and talk about personal finance. She is the co-founder of 365cups, the founder WSHQ (sold 2019), and is working on her next big thing at tenpercentricher.com Simone enjoys a single shot latte and is passionate about her fam bam, minimalism, regional Oz, and resting! She’s an inbox xero queen, replies and actions every email. Getting sh#t done, it’s her superpower!


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