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Get Involved

Write for Minimalism Life

The essence of Minimalism Life is in its collaboration—not only between our founding partners, but also with you—our readers. That’s why we’d love to work with you more closely. Whether you love to write about minimalism, or passionate about living a simple and focused life, please get in touch.

Writing for Minimalism Life

Do you have an interesting story you would like to share on Minimalism Life? We want to hear it. Here you have the opportunity to get involved and contribute to our weekly journal and weekly letters.

We’d love to have you help us dig deeper into the idea of intentional and simple living. If you’re interested, feel free to move beyond just minimalism into the bigger picture of your life. Share what you’re learning about living simply.

Where are you struggling? What have you overcome? What tensions are you trying to resolve? How are you reclaiming your self and your life?

We like articles that include personal story as well as a list format of ideas or actions that our readers can take.

How to Get Involved

Submission Requirements

The topic is open. The article should be story-led and draw from personal experiences of minimalism. We currently publish three categories: Design, Lifestyle, Travel.

We do not provide monetary compensation for our journal articles, however, we always credit writers and can add links to personal websites.

The process is selective and all articles are subject to editing. Headlines are subject to change, content may be edited for style or substance, links may be added for context, and art will be added at the discretion of Minimalism Life.


Email info@minimalism.life